Saturday, 28 March 2015

Learning Music

Since childhood I wanted to learn music, but was so stupid that never really tried that.

Once I went for my MTech at IIT Bombay (The place to be), I bought an acoustic guitar. With my crazy research ideas, work load at IIT B and lack of concepts from my BTech days, hardly left me any time for guitar (or so I thought).

Still learned few songs. All the people at IITB (whom I interacted with) who were guitarist (with just one exception) started playing some musical instrument from 7th grade or even earlier.

Playing bar chords was not tough. Practicing half notes also came with a little practice. But switching from one chord to other (especially when later is a bar chord) was tough. In fact was the root cause why I.... Other thing which always eluded me is music sense.

I tried to master few songs. But whenever I play chords for them, for almost all of them I was not able to feel the music (that, the song is being played). For very few songs for which I was able to feel, that yes! song is being played (like: O Soniyo from Raaz 2), I felt that strumming pattern was what causing it (and chords were not the major cause producing music).

Well my guitarist friends didn't agreed. After completing my MTech, while working as well I tried it but I guess musical sense is very tough to acquire...

Few of my friends suggested practicing on piano and I bought one (CASIO CTK-2300 Standard Keyboard). So far it looks much-much simpler than a guitar. I also found the lessons at:
Also there book:

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