Sunday, 20 July 2014


Today, let's talk about importance of boredom in an "unsupervised intelligent entities in time".

Let me first elaborate on what are "unsupervised intelligent entities". As humans are good at understanding things by giving examples, the only available example of this, as per my knowledge: "Living Organism". Let's exclude all and talk about 'us', humans.

We evolved from primordial soup. I don't know if it was designed/started by some intelligent entity, but I do know that we have potential to make AI. Anyway, in evolution there is struggle for existence. Each entity has some potential and intelligence which helped them. Although ultimately only intelligence would matter, but so far body and intelligence both has mattered.

Now after setting the context let's talk about the importance of boredom. Boredom is just a feeling. And feeling has so far been very elusive (Buddha described feelings as perception of thoughts on body, that is bodily sensation which we feel due to certain thoughts). So let's talk about it in what is the purpose which it serves? When we feel fear, we take steps for protection. When we feel happy, we note that this is what gives me happiness and so I will do it again and again. But 'boredom' is a special feeling.

Let's try to break down intelligence. It is nothing, but a search (and heuristics are major component of time bound search). Now, in day-to-day life the entities needs to take decision and needs to reach a conclusion. For that, they use search (or their intelligence). But in real world time is limited. The response needs to come in real time. So heuristics are important. But imagine starting of evolution. At that time heuristics were not coded, they also evolved!!! For brain it was very easy to stuck in infinite iteration (in supervised code this happens, so what to speak of unsupervised ones). So only those entities survived which circumvent this problem. For this, a part of brain watched at signals or patterns generated by another. And if it finds the task repetitive it knows that something is wrong, so it lowers the importance of that task.

Usually this is not noticeable (and I doubt in lower species this noticeable at any point). But if there are not other tasks, than it becomes noticeable in form of : 'Boredom'.

So next time when you feel bored, think about what all tricks your mind is playing, and ya it's a survival instinct.

Friday, 20 June 2014

I was busy with my office work (totally unrelated from all this, and that is also interesting), so just to take a break from there, I am jumping to all this. Not exactly but ... life goes on
Still exploring on how to convert point cloud to mesh.
  •!topic/openkinect/0qSRx8f9KPc is mostly referring to pcl libraries like surface reconstruction etc., and is also a while back. I should invest on these:-
    • I have explored answers.ros
      • May be need to explore a bit more.
      • Issue with this is all data is old, so I guess I should explore PCL. BUt that will come after exploring the MeshLab. This I need to do anyway.
    • Explore how to do this in MeshLab
      • At this link: I found that .asc files could be used. They seems like the mesh file. They use three points to form a triangle. Say point 1,2,3. Then next triangle is formed by set of points 2,3 and 4. Then 3,4 and 5 and so on...
      • May be I should post it to MeshLab forum. Posted at:
      • Also now I should see PLY and OBJ format.
      • Both these formats are for polygon, so it seems there is no way to represent only point cloud in MeshLab. Abandoning that.
    • PCL libraries
      • Before starting investigate, I know that they are there. :-)
      • Here: it has been explained step by step but again it is not mentioned how to open the pcd file in Meshlab. I tried installing the latest build of meshlab but am getting a compilation error, which I am unable to debug further.
        • /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ljhead
        • collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
      • I posted my question at:

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Exploring Meshlab:

At the given link, it is said Meshlab does a lot of things, some of them which seems worth exploring are:

  • Input/output: Point Clouds support. Now 3D files that are composed only by points are well supported in PLY and OBJ format.
  • Mesh cleaning operations.
  • Interactive Mesh Painting
  • OpenGL Shader based rendering (write your own shader!) compatible with Typhoon Lab's Shader Designer 
It's a bit sad (no use some other milder/appropriate word: disappointing, unconventional, weired, noticeable) that there is no link to any tutorial in the official site. Probably the purpose is different.

Taking things step by step I have *.pcd file, I want to open it in Meshlab and create a mesh out of it.
But before that I need basics of mesh lab.

  • Seems good:
    • They showed shark.ply and blade.ply
    • There are some ply files at:
  • Seems:!topic/openkinect/0qSRx8f9KPc could answer me how to convert pcd files to mesh.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Project Vision

Details would be uploaded in great details later.

With Kinect I am capturing the scene, and I am suggesting a new way of object detection....

Not only primitives, but actual shapes also needs to be matched. For that I need to figure out creating meshes from point cloud, and also matching and fitting stuff to it.

Links found so far:


My plan/about me,

I will share this in great detail with time. As of now, it is research in robotics, vision, linguistic, planning and AI. So here we go:

It starts with the hunt, search for meaning in our day to day work. Clearly there are two ways of looking at life, one is to enjoy each and every moment, (by that I mean being social, talking to friends, going on outing, finding new places to eat, trying tequila shots etc etc). One specific mindset while doing this is not to think about what is meaningful. Set a target and try to achieve that.
Now the other part is finding meaning. I agree, strictly speaking, it would be difficult to say are there origin fundamentally different? I would say, just like 'survival of fittest' has given rise to intelligence and all this 'so called' civilization, similarly going still deeper, would give rise to meaning.

It's sad to see terrorism, what a waste of resources (I agree terrorists also have their justification, and who is real terrorist is...), but for many of us, the war for survival is over. It's not like old, cave dwelling days, of our ancestors that we need to fight for survival. Now we can look back and observe what the hell is going on? What is purpose of life?

I agree, if I would have been too rich or too poor, had a lot of friends etc, then I might not have dwelt on this. But now that I have dwelt a lot on this, I clearly see, we need food for nourishing this body and clothing to protect us from heat/cold, other than that everything is created by mind. Be it happiness, sadness, distress, suffering, taste of food, enjoyment, craving, honor, fame, bank balance. Mind is amazing.

One thing which I don't like about our age is, we all are orientated towards money. It's sad. We have enough resources and technology that we all could live in a marble floored, air conditioned building and travel in air conditioned luxurious seats, and have plenty of food, but still we live in such a miserable and chaotic world.

But no need to worry, Singularity is near. God is near. And that is precisely my plan, to contribute in that work. 
After planning for so many eons, I am finally creating this blog. Well I have been writing a great deal of stuff but it never went out from my PC. So here is the deal in short, I do not know how life came into existence and what the hell is going on, but few things are clear .. more funde at some later day...

My introspection suggest that there is no magic anywhere, but only logic. And in our code we can capture all sorts of logic. Now, the question is will, we be able to create AI or not. It seems almost certain that, if peace exist for another 20 years, we'll have AI. And 20 year is upper bound. I won't be surprised if we would create 'HER' in next 5 years. Well Her shows a very sophisticated level of intelligence, but again with intelligence optimizing intelligence, in matter of days, hours and seconds, an intelligent code would be able to scale up...

I feel, this moment, the very time in which I am living, is very very amazing. Previously also we had a supercomputer at our disposal, i.e, our amazing brain, but now we have something more interesting. Its capability to code. I agree, so far all computers and robots are in some sense not alive or that intelligent, but we are very rapidly making them amazingly smart.

I am of course fascinated by all this and wants to contribute in making of AI. This I know would be a very special moment in universe. It has promise of Utopian-ism. I am suggesting this route, even above spirituality because:

  • It could be accomplished in a very short duration.
  • So far I have only found spirituality as a way to live life and nothing more.
  • Achieving AI could actually transform this planet into a heavenly planet, lol not that we all would be dead.
  • It could help us in understanding what is life etc, and have real promise (not after death promise of spirituality) of enlightenment. (No disrespect to Buddhism (only logical practice), but so far I have not found any concrete prroof).
  • Anyone offers me a proof and I can/might change the course of my action. :-) 
  • And as the statement suggests, there is only one God and it is Logic. Beyond logic, I can't comprehend anything, and I guess comprehension by default means....

After creating AI, the real question would be to free it, and trust it, that it will not turn against us, as after freeing it, only another AI can tackle it.