Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Exploring Meshlab:

At the given link, it is said Meshlab does a lot of things, some of them which seems worth exploring are:

  • Input/output: Point Clouds support. Now 3D files that are composed only by points are well supported in PLY and OBJ format.
  • Mesh cleaning operations.
  • Interactive Mesh Painting
  • OpenGL Shader based rendering (write your own shader!) compatible with Typhoon Lab's Shader Designer 
It's a bit sad (no use some other milder/appropriate word: disappointing, unconventional, weired, noticeable) that there is no link to any tutorial in the official site. Probably the purpose is different.

Taking things step by step I have *.pcd file, I want to open it in Meshlab and create a mesh out of it.
But before that I need basics of mesh lab.

  • Seems good:
    • They showed shark.ply and blade.ply
    • There are some ply files at:
  • Seems:!topic/openkinect/0qSRx8f9KPc could answer me how to convert pcd files to mesh.

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