Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My plan/about me,

I will share this in great detail with time. As of now, it is research in robotics, vision, linguistic, planning and AI. So here we go:

It starts with the hunt, search for meaning in our day to day work. Clearly there are two ways of looking at life, one is to enjoy each and every moment, (by that I mean being social, talking to friends, going on outing, finding new places to eat, trying tequila shots etc etc). One specific mindset while doing this is not to think about what is meaningful. Set a target and try to achieve that.
Now the other part is finding meaning. I agree, strictly speaking, it would be difficult to say are there origin fundamentally different? I would say, just like 'survival of fittest' has given rise to intelligence and all this 'so called' civilization, similarly going still deeper, would give rise to meaning.

It's sad to see terrorism, what a waste of resources (I agree terrorists also have their justification, and who is real terrorist is...), but for many of us, the war for survival is over. It's not like old, cave dwelling days, of our ancestors that we need to fight for survival. Now we can look back and observe what the hell is going on? What is purpose of life?

I agree, if I would have been too rich or too poor, had a lot of friends etc, then I might not have dwelt on this. But now that I have dwelt a lot on this, I clearly see, we need food for nourishing this body and clothing to protect us from heat/cold, other than that everything is created by mind. Be it happiness, sadness, distress, suffering, taste of food, enjoyment, craving, honor, fame, bank balance. Mind is amazing.

One thing which I don't like about our age is, we all are orientated towards money. It's sad. We have enough resources and technology that we all could live in a marble floored, air conditioned building and travel in air conditioned luxurious seats, and have plenty of food, but still we live in such a miserable and chaotic world.

But no need to worry, Singularity is near. God is near. And that is precisely my plan, to contribute in that work. 

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