Tuesday, 17 June 2014

After planning for so many eons, I am finally creating this blog. Well I have been writing a great deal of stuff but it never went out from my PC. So here is the deal in short, I do not know how life came into existence and what the hell is going on, but few things are clear .. more funde at some later day...

My introspection suggest that there is no magic anywhere, but only logic. And in our code we can capture all sorts of logic. Now, the question is will, we be able to create AI or not. It seems almost certain that, if peace exist for another 20 years, we'll have AI. And 20 year is upper bound. I won't be surprised if we would create 'HER' in next 5 years. Well Her shows a very sophisticated level of intelligence, but again with intelligence optimizing intelligence, in matter of days, hours and seconds, an intelligent code would be able to scale up...

I feel, this moment, the very time in which I am living, is very very amazing. Previously also we had a supercomputer at our disposal, i.e, our amazing brain, but now we have something more interesting. Its capability to code. I agree, so far all computers and robots are in some sense not alive or that intelligent, but we are very rapidly making them amazingly smart.

I am of course fascinated by all this and wants to contribute in making of AI. This I know would be a very special moment in universe. It has promise of Utopian-ism. I am suggesting this route, even above spirituality because:

  • It could be accomplished in a very short duration.
  • So far I have only found spirituality as a way to live life and nothing more.
  • Achieving AI could actually transform this planet into a heavenly planet, lol not that we all would be dead.
  • It could help us in understanding what is life etc, and have real promise (not after death promise of spirituality) of enlightenment. (No disrespect to Buddhism (only logical practice), but so far I have not found any concrete prroof).
  • Anyone offers me a proof and I can/might change the course of my action. :-) 
  • And as the statement suggests, there is only one God and it is Logic. Beyond logic, I can't comprehend anything, and I guess comprehension by default means....

After creating AI, the real question would be to free it, and trust it, that it will not turn against us, as after freeing it, only another AI can tackle it.

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